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Get notifications for the best eBay deals as soon as they're listed. Whether you're searching for a specific item or keeping track of multiple, Flippah can help you get the best deals before anyone else.

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There’s no need to constantly refresh eBay or watch every new auction. Simply enter the search terms you would like to follow, and we'll send you an email or browser push notification anytime a new item is listed or an auction is about to end.

Customize your filters such as min/max price, item condition, and more to help weed out the listings that you’re not interested in. You may also choose whether you want to receive alerts for new listings, auctions, price reductions, or all three.

Following multiple items? Flippah can help by consolidating your searches and giving you a simple overview for all of the saved search terms you are following at once. Filtered results can also be hidden, making it very easy to quickly review only the items you're interested in.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Using Flippah is absolutely free! You simply need to register an account to get started.

eBay only sends email notifications for items you’re following once a day, but the best deals are always scooped up fast. Flippah will send you an email notification as soon as it finds an item that meets your search criteria so you can be one of the first to know.

No, there is no need to keep a browser window open. Our system is cloud based so it will continue running and finding new deals for you even when you don't have the app running in your web browser.

Currently Flippah works with the following eBay marketplaces: (Austria) (Australia) (Canada) (France) (Germany) (Great Britain) (Hong Kong) (Ireland) (Italy) (Netherlands) (Poland) (Singapore) (Spain) (Switzerland) (United States of America)

We do not currently have an app, but we do also offer browser push notifications instead of email notifications. If that's also not a good solution for you, another option is to create a new account with any email provider (Gmail, Yahoo, etc) to use only with Flippah. Then you can download any additional email app from your app store and set it up to receive email from the new email address. This allows you to keep all of your Flippah notifications completely separate and archived within the email app of your choosing. You can also customize the notification settings on your device to use a distinct notification sound.

The default allowance is 50 search saved searches per account to start with. Once you have made a few purchases and we see that your account is in use, this limit will automatically be increased. If you still need higher limits, please contact us to request a limit increase.

Click on the settings icon () next to any term to update your filters for that term. On this page you can set notification limits for things like the max/min price, item condition, location, and more. Or you may also disable email notifications for the saved search on this page as well.